Life Purpose

Knowing your Life Purpose is like a long deep breath of self-understanding.

This new perspective from your true inner self will allow you make decisions that feel right in your heart and your belly.

    • How do you feel about your work, relationships, study, or family roles?
    • Do your tasks or goals feel less than interesting?
    • Are you missing fulfillment and satisfaction?
    • Are there too many “shoulds” in your head?
    • Are you confused or depressed?
    • Do you wonder why you are here?

Find out why some things in your life feel good and give you energy and others just drain the strength right out of you.

Your Life Purpose is a powerful piece of self knowledge that informs your decision making based on your authentic self. Looking at your own gifts, values and passions we can quickly uncover your unique purpose.

Life Purpose takes about 2 to 2.5 hrs and can be done in person, by phone or with visual by WhatsApp.

Cost: 175.00