About Amos

Amos Lovell is a Shamanic Practitioner, Intuitive Reader, author and educator.

Since 1986 he has combined intuitive perception and conventional psychology with Native American style ceremony to facilitate self awareness, health and powerful personal growth. He offers individual readings, channeling and deep healing sessions, He also does group healing, personal growth workshops and training for spiritual healers.

He is the author of “Seven Breaths, Stepping into Your Power of Choice” and many Shamanic Journey recordings.

He is passionate about nature in all its diversity, music, children, pregnancy, sharing ecstatic moments with people, dance, water, and above all, ‘Standing on the Threshold of Creation.’

‘Standing on the Threshold of Creation’ is the sense I get when I am wide open to spirit and to the person or situation I am working with. I have one ‘foot’ in the ‘normal’ sensory world and one in the spiritual realm. In that place truly anything is possible and I am a clear conduit for life and love. This is my highest passion.

His classes and individual sessions are practical, straight-forword and easy to understand. He believes that there is great magic in the practice of spiritual medicine but not necessarily great mystery. Health, growth and awareness are available to all. Life can be easy.

Experience and training

Since 1985, Amos Lovell has studied and practiced many dimensions of the human condition including allopathic medicine, psychology, alternatives to violence, empowerment for women and men, workshop design and leadership, reevaluation counseling, intuitive awareness, life coaching, diversity training, energy medicine, shamanic or spiritual medicine, and building things.

His ‘day job’ for 30 years was being a building contractor which gave him a practical and straight foreword approach to the world of spirit and healing.