Women & Pregnancy

I offer several different shamanic healing sessions specifically for women who are or were pregnant.

Communication with your unborn child

This is an exciting one hour class for individuals or groups including dads or pregnancy partners. It will show the pregnant mom (and dad) how to relax and tune in to the new life that is coming. You will learn an easy to follow format that opens the doorway to communication. Finding feelings, needs, wants and what to do or not do for both baby and parents are all possible here.

All can be done in person, by phone or WhatsApp

Preparation: We will need a comfortable place to sit for all those invited and a closed space without interruption for about an hour.

Cost: class is $200 for up to 8 people plus expenses if travel is involved. If more than 8 people we can talk about it

Energy balancing for pregnant moms

This is a Hands on polarity/Reiki healing session that brings your changing body comfort and ease during your pregnancy. It feels wonderful and helps with the physical and hormonal adjustments you are going through during pregnancy.

Preparation: Please find a comfortable place to receive the session without interruption for our time together

Cost: Balancing sessions are $100

Closing or Recontainment after childbirth

This ceremony and ritual closing is a powerful affirmation for the new mother. It helps with reorientation of the body and heart into the new state without a baby inside.

It is a ritual and physical closing and reclaiming of sovereignty after this most amazing of openings available to a woman.

Helps with post partem emotional changes and helps you to find and keep your new physical and emotional balance.

Call to give me an idea of your due date

Cost: By donation

Healing after Miscarriage or Abortion

Miscarriage or abortion can be a confusing and painful or even shameful experience. Most women I have asked about this have not had the opportunity to release or express themselves fully about their interrupted pregnancy.

These can be life altering experiences that often do not get discussed or healed. They can make a woman feel fear or shame, abandonment or disconnection from love, or simply emptiness.

This is a sacred healing journey with room for you to find and express your inner feelings and fears. With guided visualization and spiritual help we will bring your interrupted pregnancy through to completion including reconnection with the spirit of the unborn child.

It will help you move your heart and body toward healing, self acceptance and wholeness. Also it can create balance and ease with the spirit of the unborn child. You can release shame and judgment from inside yourself or carried for others.

This healingĀ  can be done alone but it is preferable to have a safe friend or partner in the room for support and as a witness.

I hope you give this healing gift to yourself.

For our time together: Please show up at the agreed time or find a safe place where we can work uninterrupted with you and your support person.

Cost: $200