Intuitive Readings

About Intuitive Readings

Intuitive or Psychic readings are a clear deep look into your conscious and subconscious self as you are now, with the help of your spirit guides, archangels, animal spirits. My readings tend to be accurate and focus on core issues. In other words…what is really going on for you down deep.


Channeling is a clear avenue for you to receive healing, communication or guidance from spiritual beings. I channel for the goddess Quan Yin and Archangels including Michael, Gabriel, Ariel and many others. I also channel for folks that have died. No need to end your loving connections with people because they have left their bodies. [Read more…]

Past Life Readings and Regression

Past life sessions can be a window into identifying and releasing unexplained feelings, behaviors or fears. They also serve as a doorway to self knowledge for the curious or the seeker of self knowledge. I have witnessed many “Ah-Ha!” moments with past life sessions. [Read more…]