About Shamanic Journeys

The Shamanic journey has many applications: It is used for healing, guidance, seeking a vision to move toward and as a reminder of both what is true and what is possible.

It is a reminder: To honor life in all its diversity; To slow down so we can notice successes, challenges and emotions; To remember the normal changes we all go through; To help people heal and grow and remember; To find peace inside.

It is a reminder of our humanity and the magic that is always available to each of us: that anything is possible.

Using the sacred drum beat and guided visualization we first create a safe starting place and then seek the energy and the wisdom of our guiding entities: Animal spirits, Angels, the elements, and humans that have passed on.

The shamanic journey is an ancient effective way to confirm your connection to life, spirit and intuition. This includes the ability to “hear” or “see” images or messages from spiritual sources including getting advice, healing, exploring stuck or blank places, answering questions about what to do, identifying your unique nature, changing habits, or even looking into the future.

New perspectives from a Shamanic Journey experience can unfold for days or weeks.

Shamanic Journeys

Each journey has a specific focus described below. These can happen in 2 hrs or so at your home or gathering place. Most are also the basis for day long deep healing workshops with personal and group process time. They are a deeply healing and life changing experience.

Releasing Stress allows the magic of help from unseeen sources: wise spiritual guides and angels of peace. You really do have access to a powerful world of loving, help, healing and manifestation. You can expect relaxation and to notice something new.

Chakra Clearing allows reception of the help and guidance of wise spiritual entities for this deep Chakra clearing and balancing. Come step into the magic of the unseen world. It carries unending possibility for help, healing and manifestation.You can expect shift in your body and new perspectives that may unfold for many days. 

Releasing Fear is a powerful journey that releases your fear whether your mind knows about it or not. It affects the conscious and subconscious minds and can be felt in the body producing profound changes. Remember: you don’t need a story to welcome change

Ancestral Clearing We often honor our ancestors by carrying or repeating attitudes and behaviors that we learned as we grew up. Sometimes these are conscious and identifiable, sometimes not. Ancestral Clearing releases unwanted patterns carried from the family going back several generations, whether known or unknown. Look for release from internal demand and a different attitude from the little voice in your head.

Karmic Clearing What beliefs, debts, vows, promises or fears do you carry that you know about? What do you carry that you don’t know about? This powerful visualization goes beyond thinking to clear the conscious, subconscious and spirit bodies of patterns that no longer serve us. You can expect deep relaxation, a gentle new perspective, and a new state of natural health balance and power.

Welcoming Forgiveness What do you need to forgive yourself for? What do you need to forgive others for? What that you know, and what that you don’t know about?As you welcome forgiveness you affirm your connection to people and nature creating deep peace for your mind and body. We will Journey to the beat of the sacred drum, inviting Spirit to help us breathe in forgiveness. Come home to forgiveness of your self and forgiveness of others. Expect a lightening of your load and the freedom to choose to live in a new way.

Opening the heart What does the heart say? Both head and heart have tremendous intelligence and wisdom but they have different perspectives and do not always agree. This spiritual journey opens the heart and points you at a the heart centered perspective for relationships, your work, learning, and what to decide. We will give the heart room to be heard. I feel smiles when I think of this Journey. Expect relaxation and a new level of comfort inside.

Beginning Shamanic Journey We are all naturally and powerfully connected spiritual beings with the innate ability to reach into the realm of intuition and creation. Shamanic Journey opens a door of perception introducing you safely and purposely to the spirit world. We connect with your power animals and spiritual teachers to find strength guidance protection and loving support. Look to feel safe, well seen and connected to all of life.

Animal Spirits empowerment Redesign your sense of power and ability from a point of view you may not have ever considered. We each create the flavor and direction of life in each moment. Let the energy and perspective of animal spirit helpers influence your thinking and behavior. Look to increase your self knowledge and your sense of effectiveness and success.

Finding your animal totem Your animal totem(s) are those animals and their spiritual essence that tend to match you. They match your perspective and personality. They carry similar strengths and weaknesses, abilities gifts and magic. They do not tend to change in this lifetime. Look for a warm sense of self identification, connection to an ally and support from the spiritual world.

Joyful Past Life Regression Sometimes we experience circumstances that are similar to those in other lifetimes: feelings or sensations, trauma or ecstasy. These similarities can allow feelings or visions to bleed through from our spiritual memory to the conscious present. In this journey we will look into the spiritual realm inviting some of our pleasant memories from other lifetimes. Look for self understanding and fun.

Your Spiritual Home Base Through guided visualization and the sacred drum this journey introduces you to the 6 dimensions of spiritual access that we all have available to us. It is the fundamental home base access point to receive unconditional love, clarity, energy, healing, wisdom advice, support and protection.

Journeys are often part of individual healing sessions.
Cost: For group journeys call to discuss cost. 

Day Long Shamanic Journey Deep Healing Workshops

In the day long workshops we have three Shamanic Journeys and the help of your higher self and subconscious knowing self. There is time for thinking and feeling and sharing. These deep healing days can keep working inside you for days or weeks afterwards and often have profound and lasting effects. Interesting also that many people have said they arrived at the workshop feeling as though they had actually begun the change process a few days earlier. This work can be truly magical.

Day long Deep Healing workshops (see explanations above):

  • Ancestral Clearing
  • Releasing Fear
  • Karmic Clearing and Release
  • Welcoming Forgiveness
  • Chakra Clearing
  • Past Life Regression
  • Opening the Heart
  • Beginning Shamanic Journey
  • Animal Spirits Empowerment

Cost $100.00