Channeling is a clear avenue for you to receive healing, communication or guidance from spiritual beings. I channel for the goddess Quan Yin and Archangels including Michael, Gabriel, Ariel and many others. I also channel for folks that have died. No need to end your loving connections with people because they have left their bodies.

The world of Spirit or all knowing presence is huge and holds a view into most anything you can imagine about you and your journey in this life. This includes thoughts, feelings, joys, passions, your gifts as a human, why you are Ill, your fears or stuck places, What to invite and what to avoid. Also….much of that for people you know.

Preparation: Please make a list of what you would like to focus on so you can read it to me at the beginning of the session. Then find a comfortable place to receive the session without interruption for our time together.

All can be done in person, by phone or WhatsApp

Cost: readings are $150 per hour and $100 per 1/2 hour